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Straw Backpack Leather Straps
Straw Backpack Leather Straps
Straw Backpack Leather Straps
Straw Backpack Leather Straps
Straw Backpack Leather Straps

Straw Backpack Leather Straps

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Moroccan Straw Hand Bag 

Due to environmental concerns, the use of plastic and rubber bags is being discouraged. As a fellow advocate for the preservation of the environment, you should choose eco-friendly alternatives. Thus, if you are searching for a sustainable bag, you might as well consider checking our large selection of Moroccan straw bags.

Our Moroccan Straw Backpack Bag have been hand-woven in Morocco. This is made up of doum palms and the size is approximately 14.5''x14.5''.

Focusing on the handmade aspect - natural - eco friendly

Straw bags are among the most sustainable products that should solve the problem of plastic use. It is more eco-friendly because these are made from natural materials.

By a simple purchase of these kinds of products, you are making a statement. Promoting sustainability by choosing natural products is a big contribution to the preservation of the planet. Also, this will influence others to do the same.

Usage of the bag

This Moroccan straw bag has a universal use.

  • Go-to bag 

Since it has been trendy lately, you can use it as your go-to bag. It has an earth color that naturally blends with your outfit. This also matches perfectly with summer outfits, which can give you that Instagram look.

  • Grocery bag

You can also use this bag when going to grocery stores. Instead of packing your bought goods into a plastic bag, this straw bag is big enough to carry your groceries. It is made durable to accommodate anything that you are supposed to put in a bag.

  • Workbag

This bag is big enough to fit all the documents and supplies that you need at work. It is also easy to access the contents of your bag because the bag is spacious inside. If you are in a hurry, you just have to drop your necessities inside the bag, and you are ready to go.

Product Details

Size : 14.5x14.5 in

Materials : Palm Leaves - Genuine Leather

Please note : Due to the handmade nature of the product, there might be a slight variation in design, size or pattern.